Multiple Event Listings? No Problem.

Multiple Event Listings? No Problem.

by Jenny Pop

Jenny Pop“It’s hard to find an app that shows multiple events. Is that something you can do?”

This is an exact quote from a recent conversation we had with a meeting planner from a very well-known national association. Her organization hosts multiple meetings throughout the year around the country, with attendee size ranging from 150 to more than 500 participants.

She had previously used two conference apps for her organization, both well-known event app providers. Neither of them could house a listing of all her meetings, both past and present. Despite having an “okay” experience with those apps, she was eager to find a solution to meet her fundamental needs.

What struck us was how simple the request was, because the AgendaPop app team has produced multiple event listings within our apps for years.

As you may know from skimming the AgendaPop app website, we produce both branded (white-labeled) apps and “container” apps, and regardless of which type of app you select, you can easily locate the meeting you wish to view. The white-labeled app means that its your organization’s icon on the user’s device. A branded app must be submitted to Android and Apple for approval. The container app is already approved in both major app stores. When opening the app, you simply type in a word or an acronym, and then go right into the event. (Other container app providers have users do a lengthier search.)

Using AgendaPop’s app solutions, there are three ways to view a list of multiple meetings within the same app.

First, if there are meetings held during close to the same time – for example, regional meetings held simultaneously or within a 30-day period – our app will display all the meetings and then prompt the user to select which meeting they want to view.

The second method is to use our “Switch Conference” feature. Located prominently in your event’s home page, in seconds the user can switch to the other meeting to view slides or handouts, view the attendee/speaker lists, plus retrieve their notes. It’s a convenient way for attendees to return to a previous meeting (for example, last year’s annual conference).

Finally, we’ve produced what we call the “branded container app.” It’s a hybrid version that takes a white labeled conference app for your organization and by typing an acronym, the user will go directly to their specific meeting. We’ve used it for associations holding multiple regional meetings and association management companies (AMCs). For the AMC model, the AMC’s brand is on the icon that users download. Instead of scrolling through a list of meetings, attendees from their specific associations will simply type the individual organization acronyms. In other words, it’s like having 12-15 different organizations available in the same app.

To view some actual examples, fill out a request form on this site and we’ll schedule a time to show you how they work.