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Allow attendees to easily keep track of sessions, speakers, exhibitors and fellow participants.


Mark sessions as favorites, add them to your schedule - even export them to your device calendar!


Let participants pose questions, rate sessions and speakers, and conduct real-time instant polls.


It's easy for attendees to connect, chat, post photos, and link to social media. Create group chats, too!


Publish exhibit hall locations, maps, logos, product descriptions, and even
book meetings!


View details, speaker profiles, abstracts, and download presentations.

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As an event planner and organizer, you need solutions that will enhance the meeting experience but won’t consume your time. An event app that’s enjoyable to attendees and simple for you to program and make changes is what every organizer wants.

The AgendaPop app is an all-inclusive solution. That means we deliver dozens of features in every app, at no extra cost and without any upselling. You can upload and change all the event information yourself, or let us take on the heavy lifting for you, at no extra cost. With our full service approach, you’ll save time and money, and you’ll be glad you have a partner who’s focusing on the app experience.

Popular Features — Unlimited and at No Extra Cost

Our philosophy is to offer you all of our features and to let you enjoy them.

Features include:

Live Polling

As users select their answers, the visual graphs will change shape in real time.

Push Notifications

Alert attendees to changes and important news


Generate revenue and control which sponsors receive greater priority.


Attendees earn points through activities and exhibitor introductions

Group Communications

Set up public or private conversations for committees, board members, and interest groups.

Lead Retrieval

Connect exhibitors to attendees by using the in-app QR codes and ditch the costly scanner rentals

Fully Branded to Match Your Event

Customize your app by applying your brand’s colors, graphics, and messaging at the top of each menu and in the navigation icons

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Why AgendaPop?

We’re an innovative, experienced, and solution-oriented event app development team.

Our mission is simple: to deliver an easy to use event app solution for participants; provide unlimited training and tech support; offer an excellent value; and focus on you, to help you produce a successful event for attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors.

Manage Everything

Easy-to-use publishing dashboard, with training and unlimited personal support included.

View Anywhere

Our App is compatible with all Apple and Android devices, plus a web version for laptops & desktops!

Save Time & Money

Reduce or eliminate the costs for design and printing paper…and save some trees, too.

Take A Breather

Feeling overwhelmed? We’ll help you set up the app, so you can focus on other aspects of your event.

Pop the Questions!

What's unique about AgendaPop?

According to our clients and meeting professionals, we’re unique in four ways: 1. An easy-to-use, intuitive interface. 2. Superior, hands-on client service with unlimited training and tech support. 3. Our app is more customizable than most; it’s a branded app with your name and logo. 4. Better value and more affordability than our costly competition.

How quickly can you make an app for my event?

Our team can turn an event app around very quickly. A “container app” version can be turned on in just one day. For “branded” apps that will have your app’s icon in the App Store, we prefer a comfortable lead time of 4-6 weeks after we have collected all your event information. This timeframe includes testing the app and providing feedback to our team members.

What does an AgendaPop meeting app cost?

Pricing is based on the size and scope of your event, and we never require you to lock in a minimum multi-year deal like the other guys. All of our features are available for all events, which means we don’t charge extra for cool things like instant polls that are already included with AgendaPop.

Is the app easy to update during the event?

Yes. That’s one of the key benefits, because changes to the program schedule can occur anytime. With AgendaPop, we’ll train you on our publishing tool prior to the event, or our team members can assist you in real time. We also provide on-site assistance to help guide attendees and help you with schedule changes, push notifications, and more. Everything to make managing your event less stressful.

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