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Set the Agenda

Your conference agenda can be programmed so that attendees can view their schedules by tracks and topics.

Tracks may be color coded for easy identification when viewing the entire schedule or a personalized schedule.

Scroll the entire agenda each day and by the hour

Tracks organized by colors for quick navigation

Create headings to group tracks by category.

Use search to pick words in session titles and descriptions.

Poster/Abstract listings by category, A-Z, numerical.

Filter speakers by tracks.

Insert icons from our library, or choose no icons.

Select “Going on Now” to filter to the current hour.

Click on the Session title to get time, location, speaker roster. presentations, and surveys.

Click on a session and add it to your personal calendar.

Save notes on sessions, fellow attendees, and exhibitors. Email notes instantly.

One convenient menu for your personalized schedule, notes, and the slides you’ve downloaded.

Personalize & Prioritize

Participants can mark sessions as favorites or add them to their schedule, which can then be exported to their device calendar!

Make Sessions More Effective

Tap on a session to view details, such as speakers, bios, location map, and presentation slides.

View speaker bios, the sessions in which they appear, bookmark favorites, write notes, and connect with them.

Notes for each session can be saved and bulk exported.

Slides are attached to the session and can be forwarded by email and printed virtually.

Incorporate abstracts, posters, and supporting documentation.

Conduct an instant poll! Pose a question, then watch the audience results as they’re projected on the big screen.

Send questions to the panel moderator or speaker in real time.

Rate the speaker/session and capture CEU credits. Pull the data instantly.

Publish multiple group chats, public or private,

Interactivity at its Best

Attendees will enjoy asking questions through our Question Board, rating sessions and speakers, and taking instant polls that you can project on large screen!

More Customizable
Than Most Event Apps

Customize your app to match your event and brand.

Organization branding and colors at the top and bottom.

Splash page to solidify organization and event location.

Individual meeting room maps to aid navigation.

Exhibit hall booth maps to pinpoint location.

Search the easy to use attendee list by name, company, or other attributes.

Click on attendee or speaker to read bio and contact info.

Save contact info to your address book.

Use the chat feature to connect instantly with fellow attendees!

Add speakers or other attendees as favorites for future contact.

Attendee can self-select into special interest group to enhance interaction.

Capture the fun of special promotions, incentives and competitions.

Spark Engagement

It’s easy for attendees to find one another, save contacts to their address book, exchange virtual business cards, and chat within established special interest groups.

Highlight Exhibitors

Exhibitors shine in this mobile app. Detailed listings with links to their website, phone, and email. Attendees and exhibitors can exchange contact info. Plus, we’ve got appointment-setting functionality, for those one-on-one important conversations.

List categories for filtered search.

A-Z exhibitor listing with logos, company descriptions, and booth locations.

Convenient switching to numerical order by booth number.

Pinpoint your destination on a customized map, created for every exhibitor.

List sponsors by tiered levels, elevating your top sponsors.

Featured link on home page to top sponsors, clickable to company listings.

Book one-to-one meetings with exhibitor representatives.

Meeting confirmations to secure appointments.

Splash ads offer prominent positioning every time the app opens. Rotational slots and clickable ads.

Clickable banner ad above menus maintains the sponsor’s visibility throughout the event.

Deliver full-page splash ads when the app opens or when selecting key navigation icons.

Exclusive ad slot above the Leaderboard.

Home page listing for mobile app sponsorship.

Logo placement inside sponsored sessions.

Spotlight Your Sponsors

Deliver value to key sponsors by merchandising the prime real estate in your app. Examples include the opening screen and a rotating banner at the top of the program schedule.

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