Frequently-Popped Questions

If you’re searching for the best conference and event app solution, we’ve conveniently listed the most common questions here.

General Questions

What is the minimum number of attendees you require to build the app?

There’s no minimum. AgendaPop can be used for small events for under 50 attendees as well as for large events with thousands of attendees.

Is the app available to the attendees after the event?

Yes. You can determine whether you’d like to keep the content available to your attendees or restrict access.

On which devices can the app be viewed?

Our native app works on iOS and Android devices. Plus, we publish your web app that can be viewed on laptops and desktops as well as non-iOS and non-Android devices, such as Blackberry and Windows Phones.

What does the app cost?

Our pricing is customized for each event and conference because every event is unique. The rates depend on a number of factors, such as the number of attendees, the number of days for your event, any unique requests, and the lead-time to produce the app and submit it to Apple for approval for distribution on its devices. (Android has a significantly shorter approval timeframe.) We also offer multi-event and multi-year discounts.

Can you integrate with my event registration vendor?

Yes. We can integrate with many registration platforms, so that the registration information for your participants flows right into the app.

Can you help us produce a landing page or website that has all the conference information, and be able to edit it, too?

Yes, AgendaPop can help. We have templates for attractive and user-friendly websites specifically for conferences, and our developers can take that effort off your shoulders. We’ll price the website development upon request.

Content & Publishing Questions

How long does it take to produce an app?

We can produce your app very quickly. The key dependency is acquiring all the event information and images from you in a timely manner. Once the event information and creative assets are uploaded into our content management system, our comprehensive quality assurance process ensures that the app is working properly on multiple devices. Then it’s submitted to Apple for approval for distribution on its devices, which can take approximately 7 days. (Android devices have shorter approval timelines.) After it has been approved, we review the app and its features with you to make sure everything is set for your event.

What will you need from me to produce the app?

We need as much information in advance as possible, including session names and room locations, attendee lists and profiles, speaker names and profiles, speaker schedule and room locations, a list of exhibitors with booth locations and company descriptions, hotel and entertainment information, logos and graphics, and other key items that you would normally include in your printed event material.

Can we make changes before the event and between a series of events?

Yes. You will have access to the dashboard or content management system (CMS), which allows you to add and edit all the details on your attendees, speakers, profile photos, sessions, exhibitors, sponsors, and much more. We will also help you make changes, at no extra cost.

What are the best ways to involve sponsors and advertisers?

AgendaPop can incorporate splash ads, banners, and sponsor logos, with prominent visibility. You can control which ads have greater priority as well as the number of seconds that ads rotate.

What kind of polling and surveys do you offer?

Our live polling includes unlimited live polls at no extra cost. Polling is useful for generating real-time interactivity with a session’s attendees. It’s also fun; everyone wants to know the results. You can use surveys and session evaluations to rate speakers and presentations. With our Speaker Q&A, your presenters and moderators can accept written questions from the audience, too. We’ll show you how to take advantage of these features.

Can we make specific announcements, alerts and reminders through the app?

Yes. These “push notifications” can be broadcast to your attendees to announce important schedule changes, to remind them that a keynote address is about to begin, or transportation info if you’re busing attendees to an offsite location for entertainment. We’ll show you how easy it is to implement.

How can our exhibitors take full advantage of the app?

Exhibitors love the app because it enables them to book appointments with attendees, and each party can place it on their respective device calendars. Our exhibitor listings include profiles, contact information, boot location, mapping, device handshaking for business card exchange, and QR codes. We also create a unique map for each exhibitor booth!

What kind of gamification do you offer?

Use our leaderboard feature to keep track of attendee participation and promotions. We’ve got up to 18 different activities you can use on the app to generate points. We’ll brainstorm with you to come up with a fun and engaging activity that brings the attendees together.


Do attendees need Wi-Fi to use the app?

WiFi isn’t required, but with any app good connectivity is essential for using interactive features such as chat, live polls, and electronic hand-shaking. Nevertheless, many clients promote the app and encourage their participants to download the app prior to coming to the event so that the agenda and conference information are readily available.

Usage Statistics

What kind of analytics or monitoring do you provide regarding how
event attendees use the app?

First, we respect the privacy of every user. Therefore we don’t review or divulge any attendee-specific usage data unless users are asked to login to participate in a feature. On a broader perspective, we provide a base set of data, including number of users for different features, survey responses, which sessions were bookmarked, and advertising impressions. Our statistics reports are available to our client partners around the clock.


Do you provide support during the event?

Yes. Support is one of the biggest advantages of the AgendaPop app. Our support team can be made available to you by phone or instant message while your event is taking place. For an additional fee, we can attend your conference to help answer app-related questions from attendees and take care of last-minute scheduling changes or edits so that you can focus on running the event and be with your colleagues.