A Conference App that Speaks Your Attendees’ Languages

A Conference App that Speaks Your Attendees’ Languages

By Jenny Pop

Jenny PopBonjour! I’m just back from a trip to Paris. Airport challenges made things a little exciting, but the French wine was unaffected, so I still had a wonderful time. That said, the trip abroad among all those French speakers showed me how nothing makes one feel more like a stranger in a foreign land than the language barrier. It’s a little awkward pulling out the Google Translator every five minutes just to find the right phrases, and you never know if someone in your vicinity speaks fluent English (unless they’re wearing a baseball cap of their favorite American team).

If only real life worked like the AgendaPop app, where we build live chats for ANY language so that attendees can converse with others who share their native tongue.

We initiated a multi-language app activity feed (live chat) at an international conference in Canada some years ago. While we were providing technical assistance at the conference, we noticed a number of people having conversations in French and Spanish. We quickly opened up public group chats and made them available on the app’s home page. Group chats are like activity feeds or newsfeeds; they are simply scrolling lists of comments, shout-outs and photos that attendees post.

The non-English speaking group chats quickly filled up, even without any public announcements or push notifications. In minutes, people were connecting, setting up meetup times, and responding to one another’s questions.

And speaking of push notifications, there’s nothing preventing you from sending alerts in different languages. Just type and schedule.

Imagine how much more your non-English speaking attendees will get from your event if they can easily find and interact with people who speak their language. It would make their experience très magnifique!

To get the details, click here to schedule some time to speak with one of my colleagues who will show you a demo and explain how to set up multi-language app features in just seconds.