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General Questions

How do I login?

If you have registered for the conference/event with your organizer, you can use your registration email as your username to login. Your organizer should have provided a password for you to use. If the organizer allows you to create a new account, click on the “Create Account” button on the login page and enter your information to create an account. When creating an account, make sure you check your email for the activation code.

I cannot login. What should I do?

If you cannot login, please first check the attendees list to see if your name is on the list. If it’s not, most likely the event registration database has not been synched to our mobile app database yet.

If your name is on the list and you cannot login, please make sure you are using the email address that you used for the event registration. If you have multiple email addresses that you use or if someone else may have registered for you, you might want to try different emails to see which one is the correct one. Finally, make sure you use the password your event organizer sent you to login.

If you see a message “Your email is used by multiple registrants. Please use your registration id to login and then change your email address to make it unique.”, and you don’t know your registration id, please send an email to help@agendapop.com . In your email, please state whch conference you are attending, your full name, your address, and the nature of your problem. If you are still out of luck, please send an email to help@agendapop.com . In your email, please state:

1. Conference you are attending
2. Your full name
3. Email address
4. Whether you are using an iPhone/iPad or an Android phone or tablet.

Why should I login?

Login allows the app to know who you are. Once you login, you can customize your profile for others to see. Your contact information is kept private and is not displayed to people unless you have agreed to connect with other attendees. Login also gives you the access to some attendee only features. For example, your notes, schedule, favorites, slides download, and etc., are synched to the server so they will not be lost.

On which devices can the app be viewed?

Our native app works on iOS and Android devices. Plus, there is an HTML5 version which can be viewed in a browser, on laptops and desktops as well as non-iOS and non-Android devices, such as Blackberry and Windows Phone.

How do I export my notes?

To export your notes, first go to the “My” tab by clicking “My” at the bottom of the screen (the Heart icon).

Under the section Notes, you will see your Notes on Sessions, Notes on Attendees, and Notes on Exhibitors. Click one of them and you will see your notes on the screen. Click the export icon on the top right corner of the screen and you will be able to email yourself a copy of the notes. Repeat for other sections.

Take me on a quick tour of the app!

AgendaPop is the mobile app for your conference. You can find all the conference information here and create your own conference itinerary, too. It also helps you to find the people with whom you can to connect. Once you update your own profile, others will see who you are and may connect with you. View the sponsors/exhibitors directory to help you to quickly find the products and services you are interested in, establish communication, and even book appointments! Here are some of the popular sections, with their respective icons. (Some icons may be substituted for certain conferences.)

  •   Home: this is where you can find the general information about the conference and the organizer. If “Switch Conferences” is listed toward the bottom of the main menu, tapping on that allows you to load other related conferences from this organizer.
  •    Program – you will find event schedules and locations here. Program is organized in color coded tracks to help you find what you are interested in. Clicking into the program listing, you will find the details of the session, the summary of the topics, the speakers/presenters, and the location of the session. You can also do the following:
    •    Add the session to My Favorites list. When a session is on My Favorites list, the icon changes to
    •   Take a note on the session. When the note is not empty, the icon changes to
    •   Add the session to My Schedule. When a session is on My Schedule, the icon changes to
  •   Find the location or room of the session. It will bring up the map!
  •   Ask a question. You will see questions from others too
  •   Fill a survey for this session.
  •   Download presentation slides. When this icon is displayed, you can download the presentation slides and view them on the device. You can even forward them to yourself via email.
  • Check out a speaker profile. Click a speaker/presenter, then you will see the speaker/presenter’s profile.
  •   Attendees – this is where you find fellow attendees and conference speakers, check out their profiles, make connections, and interact with them. Remember you can jump to a section based on the attendee’s last name or you can search an attendee in the search box.
  •    Email an attendee. Remember you need to connect with the attendee first by clicking Connect as a Contact before you can email to the attendee.
  •    Add an attendee or a speaker to My Favorites. Once an attendee or a speaker is on the My Favorite list, the icon changes to
  •   Take a note on an attendee or speaker. When the note is not empty, the icon changes to
  •   Connect with an attendee as a Contact (Seting up your profile is easy. You can do it either at https://www.confpal.com or in the app by tapping the Edit button. If you have a profile setup in LinkedIn, import it to the app by tapping the LinkedIn logo. To setup your profile photo, tap the phone and then select a picture from your devide photo gallery). Your contact information is not visible to others until you connect with the other attendee. Remember to include a personal message in your connection request.
  •   Exhibits – this is where you find out the detailed information about Sponsors, Featured Exhibitors, and other exhibitors. The sponsors/exhibitors list could be sorted by names or by booth numbers to help you visit them in the exhibit hall. You could also filter the list to specific category based on the product and services the sponsors/exhibitors are offering.
  •   Add an exhibitor to My Favorite list. My Favorite list can be accessed by tapping the Star icon on top of the list. Once a sponsor/exhibitor is on my favorite list, the icon changes to
  •  Take a note on a sponsor/exhibitor. When the note is not empty, the icon changes to
  •    Send an email to the sponsor/exhibitor. Here you can send your questions and meeting requests to the sponsor/exhibitor.
  •   Connect with a sponsor/exhibitor as a contact. This allows them to contact you for follow up.
  •    Find the location of the sponsor/exhibit in the exhibit hall.
  •    When you see this icon on the sponsor/exhibitor, you can fill out a survey to provide feedback.
  •    When you see this icon on the sponsor/exhibitor list, you can sort sponsors/exhibitors by different criteria.
  •    Add a contact to My Favorite list. Once added, there will be a next to their name on My Contacts list. The icon on the contact page is changed to as well.
  •   Take a note on the contact. When the note is not empty, the icon changes to
  •    Send an email to the contact. Now you have the contact information for your contact, you can send an email to him/her.
  •   Export contact information to device address book. Tapping this icon allows you to export your contact to your address book on the mobile device. It saves you from entering your contact’s information by hand.
  •   My Sessions – this is where all your favorite sessions are listed. You can quickly go through the sessions you are interested in.
  •   My Schedules – this gives you a calendar view of the sessions you added to your schedule. You will be able to see conflicts and open time slots. Clicking on the session in the calendar will bring you to the session details page.
  •   Export calendar to device calendar. Tapping this icon allows you to export your conference calendar to your calendar on the mobile device, which allows you to have all your schedule in one place.
  •   Maps – this is where you find locations of all the conference sessions, exhibitors, and other events.
  •    List of maps available. Tapping this icon will show you a list of all the maps available for the conference. Tapping a map on the list will bring up the map.
  •   My Notes – if you have taken notes on sessions, attendees, and exhibitors, you can find all your notes here.
  •   Email your notes to yourself. Tapping a note category, Notes on Sessions, Notes on Attendees, or Notes on Exhibitors, and then this icon will let you email your notes to yourself.

I like this app. Can I use it for my organization's event?

Yes, AgendaPop is a mobile conference/event platform, which can be customized to your needs. For information on an AgendaPop solution for your conference, please contact us at info@agendapop.com or call 703-793-4955.

Making Personal Connections

Can I exchange my business card with others?


First, you need to make sure that you have your business card set up.

To do so, go to the Home screen (main menu) by clicking the Home tab at the bottom of the app. You will see a Login or Settings button at the top. If you see the Login button, you haven’t logged in yet and you need to login first by using your email address that you used to register for the conference/event. Your password should be sent to you by conference/event organizer.

Once you are logged in, you will see the Settings button. Click on the Settings button and then you can edit your profile information. Some information might be pre-filled based on the information you provided to the organizer at registration. Please make sure the information is correct and make necessary changes as you see fit. You could also import your LinkedIn profile by clicking on the LinkedIn logo on the Edit screen. If you want to have a profile photo setup, please click on the profile photo icon and pick a picture on your device. If you don’t have a picture saved on your device, you could take a photo of yourself first using your devices. Once all the information is correct, please click the Save button to save the information.

With your profile setup, you can go to the Attendees list by clicking the Attendees icon at the bottom of the app. There you can browse or search an attendee whom you want to connect with. Click on the name of the attendee, you will see his/her profile.

To make a connection request, click on the business card icon on the attendee profile page or Connect as a Contact. Make sure you click the “Send Invitation” button to send your connection request to the other attendee. Once the other attendee accepted your request, the two of you will be connected and you can see the other attendee’s contact information under the My Contacts link on the Attendees screen.

I received a connection request from another attendee. What should I do?

When an attendee sends you a connection request, you can decide whether to accept it.

To accept the request, make sure you are on the Attendee screen by clicking Attendees at the bottom of the app. Once there, click Incoming Requests. You will see a list of people who have made connection requests to you. Click a name will bring up the requester’s profile and detailed contact information.

If you decide to accept the request, please click the Accept button. Your requester and you will be connected. Your business card will be swapped with the requester. Once connected, you can find the detailed contact information of your request under the My Contacts link on the Attendees tab.

I sent a connection request to other attendees. How do I check the status of my requests?

When your request has been sent, you can then look at the requests pending, awaiting other attendees to take action.

To find out, click on the Attendees button at the bottom navigation menu of the app. Then click “Outgoing Requests.” Once there, you’ll see all the requests you sent out that are still pending other people’s actions.

Why should I connect with others?

The connection feature in AgendaPop reflects the real world experience. Once you are connected with a fellow attendee or exhibitor contact person, you will have each other’s contact information. You can save the contact information into your address book directly to avoid the effort of typing the cards or making typos in the process. This is a more effective way of exchanging business cards.

I have some contacts on My Contacts list. How do I get their information into my address book?

First click on the name of the contact from My Contacts. Then click on the Export icon at the top right corner of the screen. If you are using an iOS device, you can decide whether to create a new contact entry or to add the information to an exsiting contact. If you are using an Android device, it will simply add the contact information in a new entry in your address book.

How does Find People Nearby work?

Find People Nearby provides a convenient way to allow you to connect with other attendees. To use it, click on Find People Nearby on the Home screen. Ask the person you want to connect with to do the same. If you are prompted for location service, make sure you allow it. Wait for a few seconds and you will see the names show us on a list. You can click on the name on the list and send a connect request.

Can I book appointments with exhibitors?

Yes, for those conferences that include exhibitors in the app. In fact, both attendees and exhibitors can place appointments on their respective device calendars. Our exhibitor listings include profiles, contact information, booth location, mapping, device handshaking for business card exchange, and QR codes.


Do I need Wi-Fi to use the app?

No, unless you want to use the social interaction features such as electronic hand-shaking or polling. But using Wi-Fi may improve the speed with which to use the app; this is typically the case with any app. Be sure to obtain the venue’s Wi-Fi username and password from the event organizer, then modify the settings in your device.

Using Icons

What do all the icons mean?

On a page with icons, look for the word “Actions” in the top right corner of the screen. By clicking on “Actions”, we’ll show you a list of icons and the labels they represent.

Below is a list of icons and their meaning:

    •   Add to my Favorites
    •  Write Notes
    •   Add to My Schedule
    •  Map
    •   Ask a question
    •   Exchange your business card
    •  Fill out a survey
    •   Download presentation slides
    •   Email an attendee. Remember you need to connect with the attendee first by exchange your business card before you can email to the attendee.
    •   List by categories
    •  Sort by different criteria
    •   Export

Other questions about using the app?

First check with the staff in the registration area. Otherwise, contact us at help@agendapop.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.