“OK, Zoomer” — Fun Terms for Virtual Meetings

“OK, Zoomer” — Fun Terms for Virtual Meetings


As an active board member and committee member for a variety of non-profits, I’ve been on numerous video calls during the past several months.

When looking at the video gallery of all the attendees, it’s pretty easy to notice whether others are engaged in the conversation, how they organize their home office environment, and how much creativity they have when inserting a virtual background behind them. I’m the first to say that I’ve often started speaking when the mute button is active, and the good thing about these video calls is that nearly everyone is forgiving of one another. It’s been a relief at times to find moments to chuckle, especially at myself.

With that in mind, I started thinking about the different personalities I could be on a virtual conference or perhaps others that I’ve observed. So I borrowed from the growing popularity of the snarky phrase, “OK, Boomer!” and I came up with dozens terms and definitions that I hope others find humorous and irreverent; it’s all meant to be good natured. You might recognize a few behaviors, such as when participants place their computer camera too close to their face, or when some of them avoid conversation and are content to be listeners rather than talkers.

Here I’ve offered the first 14 terms. I hope you enjoy them.

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View the 14 fun terms that describe participants in virtual meetings.